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Exploring music through textile

After setting up the E256 eTextile matrix sensor it is now time to use it for live electronic music performances. eTextile-Synthesizers are handcrafted multi-touch digital interfaces based on smart textile processes and custom electronic solutions. These eTextile-synthesizers open up new possibilities for electronic music playing. The project features a fully embedded multitouch eTextile-Synthesizer that combines the powerful Teensy 4.0 MCU and its audio library with the E256 eTextile matrix sensor technology. One of the main purpose of this project is to promote an intuitive music playing as well as taking benefit of textile textures diversity to form tactile cues that guide the touch. Like the popular Eurorack modules all eTextile-Synthesizers can connect each other via mini-jack and share them tempo as well as notes and audio streams. Thus each eTextile-Synthesizer devices have dedicated audio functionalities to generate or filter audio signals.

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The project starts in 2014 during the Schmiede festival (Austria).
One week of thinking and building amizing projects in collaboration with Kobakant

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We like to give the user full control over their gear and encourage modifications to the software and hardware. The full sourcecode and the schematics are available on GitHub and the firmware can be built using Arduino toolchain. So feel free to look inside the "black box" and start tinkering. Feedback is more than appreciate and pull requests are welcome.

eTextile-Synthetizer Standalone eTextile-Synthesizer build for live electronic music
eTextile-matrix-sensor E256 eTextile-matrix-sensor is a development kit taht can be used in combination with any microcontroller


Designing a Multi-Touch eTextile for Music Performances - Paper - Video
Music Skin: Fabric Interface for Expressive Music Control - Paper

Blogs You are your own tactile feedback Maurin Donneaud invents "robot skin"

The eTextile-Synthetizer is available for sale. All Synth are made by hand and tested before shipping. We also provide a guarantee to fix or replace the device.